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Dog Gone Flying
Airport Camping, Hiking, & Dog Walks
A guide to on-airport (or nearby) trails and dog walks for those pilots that fly to hike (with or without Fido)
The Plane Scoop
Flying Fun and Wisdom
Multimedia Tutorials, Speaker Presentations, Flying Destinations, and more ...
On Becoming a Pilot (in Canada)
How to become a Pilot (in Canada)
A down-to-earth plane-English (pun intended) explaination of the steps involved in becoming a pilot.
The Wandering Eye - Travel Blog
Myrtle Creek and Hammil Lake, Powell River
Beautiful trail at Powel River Airport - with serene Hammil Lake as a reward at the other end
Overflight Stock
Stock Aerial Footage and Photography
A wide range of aerial subjects, from cityscapes, to lifestyle, to natural scenes and wildlife ...
BC Pilots Association
British Columbia Pilots Association
Goat: to advance and promote Recreational and General Aviation in British Columbia